Transformational Movement Santa Barbara - Thai Massage ~ Esalen Massage ~ Acupressure ~ Yoga ~ Pilates

offers complementary &
alternative medicine practices [CAMs] to help you heal from injury or trauma, regulate your body's response to stress &
 promote successful aging.

Transformational Movement offers the following CAMs to promote radiant health & peace of mind.  Each session is designed for the client's needs, and may include an integration of:
Thai Massage
(therapuetic, deep tissue
or relaxation)

Cranio- Sacral 
Esalen Massage
Meditation Practices

A FREE health & wellness assessment is included with each Integrative Therapy session. Recommendations, such as nutritional counseling, postural alignment and life coaching, may also  be offered.

 Endless Possibilities
                                                                                                    photo by Kristin Renee

"I received a splendid massage from Kristen about two weeks ago. I am a professional massage therapist & consequently have received many types of bodywork. 
This was one of the top massages 
I have ever received.

Here are some reasons why:
1) She sets a sacred space with intention
2) Her mastery of massage, intuitive touch, and body movement is abundantly apparent:  I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the work by way of her smooth strokes, gentle stretches, and joint manipulations.
3)  She establishes a lovely flow, and employs a great mix of long flowing strokes along with many types of detailed strokes.  Her hands rarely left my body.
4) Amazing use of Thai massage on the table.  She was able to give me some of the best Thai-style stretches I've ever received, and within a safe, intuitive, comfortable space.  She establishes clear communication throughout the massage, and listens carefully to any concerns of mine.
5) Kristen takes her time:  I didn't feel her rushing...there were no unconscious fast strokes.  I had the luxury of sinking deeply into relaxation."

 ~Robert, Massage Therapist/ Berkeley
"Once you have experienced Thai massage with Kristen, you will want to schedule a massage every week. Here is the downside – you’ll never be satisfied with a massage from someone else."

   ~Mary Stern, Author/ Santa Barbara
 "Recently, while on vacation in Santa Barbara, my uncle gifted me an hour with Kristen Hoye.  It was so amazing that I promptly booked 2 more sessions, and if I were living in the area, I would continue to see Kristen regularly. She worked years of accumulated tension and stress from my body, and each time I left feeling unencumbered – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  In just a few sessions Kristen’s work significantly contributed to my well-being.  I cannot recommend her highly enough."

   ~Jessica Fuller, Designer/ NYC

 Kristen offers Integrative Therapies at the Cottage Center for Brain Fitness (BFIT)
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